gives you the keys to a highly effective, results-driven compensation plan, custom-designed for your organization.

Develop a Winning Design Team
We help you efficiently appoint and lead a productive design team of your own in-house experts to pinpoint and own:
  • Business-critical goals
  • Employee performance behaviors that need to be introduced, reinforced or changed to achieve goals
  • Practical, validated, and trusted measures of performance
  • Reinforcers of the right behaviors that will operate within (and parallel to) the compensation program
  • Targeted compensation levels for high-performing employees.
Strengthen Communication
Converje helps you create and deliver formal and informal communications that inspire your employees to maximize their performance.

Engage Key Parties
We help you involve and inform key interested parties at critical points in the project.

Create a Foundation for the Future
We help you prepare a streamlined process for governing, administering, monitoring, and amending your custom incentive plan.  We help you make sure the Plan stays viable and current, is perceived as fair and reasonable in its operation, and continues to pay competitively.

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